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Why relationships fail

Why relationships fail ?

There are so many reasons due to this any relation not able to get success, like misunderstandings, lying with each other or cheat by any partner. Relationship is a beautiful gift by God to us earth if it is husband wife of boyfriend-girlfriend. Here are listed few reason that may cause failure.

Broken promises
The violation of trust always comes with problems and breakup of any relationship. This cause the failure of relationship. Love is most respectful relation that bound all relations. Broken of trust several times or more than one time effects relationship badly. Raises the problem, and decrease the motivation to stay in any relation.

Power of Inequality in relationships. 
Couples may like to get separate when their partner may be more powerful in taking decision. This show the deficiency of mutual understanding. When one partner from both take all type of decisions like about friends, families, matters of finance, about vacation etc, the relations status isn’t balanced, stable or loving. Both partners must take any decision with mutual understanding and willingness.

Jealousy in relationships. 
This is not a reason to get breakup, but They should admire each other on his/her success. This is very common reason in failure of relationship. This isn’t in trend but still exist this cause of failure. Tradition of jealousy includes Man is earning more than a woman, or woman is earning, in Man dominating society this is very common. The dispute may arise about woman should stay home instead of job. If couples believe these stereotypes, they create false expectations that can lead to split up.

Lack of Understanding for couples. 
If anyone or both partner isn’t aware with the interest, needs, desires, future plans, goals, values, and preferences of each other, then it’s very difficult to stay in relationship for long time or make it healthy and lovely. All type of relations based on help, understanding and then accommodates your partner with his/her needs and wants about feelings, security, finance etc.

Low self-worth, anxiety, and lack of self-possession
Its happened that one of partner feels like he/she is losing her/his importance in love. This insecurity leads to unworthiness, possessiveness, and dependence. This couldn’t lead a healthy relation.

Excessive distrust
Envy leads to breakup, and this is most common reason of it. Distrust can push up violence which may result resinous issues leads to breakup

Unproductive communication. 
Communication is an essential chemical to attract anyone. Both partners must be frank and free to share their thoughts, feelings, opinions, values, needs, frustrations, and joys. But usually in case of brake with this reason, Couples avoid to speak out truth and share their thoughts, experiences and important matters to their partner.

Injurious physical behavior

Relationship is the name of compromises, solving any issue with mutual discussion. This is a common mistake that lead to immediate breakup. Threat any of your partners emotionally or physically, Abusive attempt, sexual harassment etc. Although this relationships should end immediately and safely.


Why relationships fail why relationships fail Why relationships fail Why relationships fail

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