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Relationship Problems

Relationship Problems

The relations of everyone are different. But sometimes we face such similar issues. Whatever or however you are going in any relation but you are with this comfort that you are not alone.

Lack of communication:

If your issue is like you and your partner and don’t talk any more.   It feels as if you’ve float a

Communication is at the spirit of all relationships.  The common issues raises in couples are same apart heartbroken communication. They don’t share with each other. Or one of partner don’t like to share.

One-sided Relationship:

If you are Feeling like your relationship is one-sided it can be hurting and offensive.  It feels like you are missing as if you aren’t as important to your partner as they are to you.

An emotional affair has three features: Secrecy, either about the existence of a friendship, or the interactions that take place. Physical chemistry and attraction. When the friend knows more about your primary relationship than you know…

Don’t have physical attraction:

If you feels like you partner is having an affair, It can be very upsetting when you discover that your partner is comprise or has had an affair.  Affairs are really have just one cause, this is a common mistakes that a girl or boy dose in life. Don’t worry it’s not always happen because of unhappiness or displeasure in a relationship.

Internet and relationship

Progressively more in technology, couples are quoting the internet as a problem in their relationship. This is like they spent more time on social media sites like facebook, twitter to make new friends or play games. Social media or internet is like addiction. Dispute may arise due to lack of interest at home or spending more time on different activities on internet.

Maintain balance in life:

Balance in life I very important tool to make it happy. No a day’s technology made our life so simple and easy. This is not an easy task to maintain balance in between professional and love life. May disputes arises due to this  alike your partner says to stay at home  to take care kids and home instead of job but you want to go for job to earn more as you can see the reaming of your partner isn’t enough for the future of your kids.

Difference in value.

Everyone is different by birth.  This is a rule of nature that every other operson is different then previous in about thoughts of many types like religion, policts, sport, any other choices. But few of them may have same thoughts about many things. In any relationship the difference of thoughts may cause deious issues.

Criticize your partner for noting.

Frequently    criticizing your associate or being criticized by them can generate a lot of nervousness in relationship. It can make you feel like you’re continually beneath assault or as although not anything you do is good sufficient.

Careless attitude:

Anyone in relation wants to get extra care about his/her little needs and wants. There are few couples who are shy or chill, they lived their life with own fantasy and ignore their partner. It effect the relation badly.

Relationship Problems relationship problems Relationship Problems It   s hard to forget the pain

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